Terms and Conditions



Please don’t attend the clinic or class if you answer ‘Yes’ to ANY of the following screening questions:

1.       Have you tested positive for COVID-19? (subject to being certified by a medical health professional as fully recovered)

2.       Have you had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19, or someone who has been in direct contact with a confirmed                    case, in the last 14 days?

3.       Have you had any of these symptoms in the last 14 days?

  • Fever greater than 38°C

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Cough

4.       Are you currently experiencing fever over 38°C, difficulty breathing or cough?

By proceeding with a booking you agree with the stated terms and have answered the screening questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge.


Once a booking has been accepted by Terrace Acupuncture, the client will have entered into an agreement to have treatment based on these Terms and Conditions. The fee will be deemed due accordingly. The term ”treatment” is used for sessions of all therapies detailed on this website.

Payment for treatment is due in full either in advance or at the end of your session. Online and contactless payment options are available via online banking, or paywave at the clinic.


If for any reason you cancel a treatment with less than 24 hours’ notice, the full treatment price remains payable for the reserved time slot. This fee is payable within 7 days or at the next session, whichever is earlier.

Should you run late for an appointment, I may not be available beyond the time slot reserved for you, and in some cases, it may not be feasible to start the session. If at all possible, please inform me of any delay. Your session may be cancelled if I have not heard from you within 15 minutes of the agreed appointment time.


While treatments offered at Terrace Acupuncture aim to address your health concerns, it cannot replace the care of a General Practitioner. We recommend that you consult a GP regarding any conditions for which you are seeking treatment(s).

During your initial consultation you should inform your practitioner of any medical conditions you have and those you have suffered in the past, and provide updates at subsequent sessions if any of the discussed aspects change. It is your responsibility to check with your medical practitioner in case you suffer from a condition and/or are in doubt whether to have treatment.


As an Acupuncture New Zealand (AcNZ) registered acupuncturist and ACC treatment provider, I have agreed to follow the AcNZ Code of Professional Ethics, as well as the Health and Disability Commissioner’s Code of Rights.


The purpose of the treatment is to address your condition, i.e. the reason you are seeking treatment. Acupuncture is a healthcare service that is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Your treatment may include acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, acupressure, Chinese herbs or supplements, therapeutic exercises and dietary counseling based on the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine.


During your treatment consultation you will provide relevant personal information relevant to maintaining our patient-practitioner relationship and used for tailoring your treatment. This information will be kept confidential, and will be stored securely and maintained accurately by updating it as advised by you.



You may occasionally receive information and updates from Terrace Acupuncture. Your information won’t be disclosed to others and you will have the option to opt out of communications.

Terrace Acupuncture reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by posting new terms and conditions on this site.