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The brain-gut connection: how TCM has known for centuries what Western medicine is now discovering

This article (link below) from the South China Morning Post by Charley Lanyon was the second I came across on the same day about gut-brain connection. There is research being conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital that has found that "bacteria in the gut can affect mood, cognition and behaviour (and) is increasingly exciting to fellow doctors and scientists". The author then went on to say "But practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can be left exasperated. They say that Chinese medicine has understood the connection between the gut and the body’s overall health for thousands of years". I couldn't have put it better!

Earlier in the day I heard an item on Radio NZ where Dr Aaron Stevens, University of Otago, (2nd link below) was interviewed about the potential link between gut bacteria and ADHD. It is interesting that university's around the world are all coming to the same conclusion.

The only thing I think is a shame, is that these "scientists" don't seem to wish to take the time to understand what is understood by acupuncturists around the world. One day they will look up from their microscopes and find we, the acupuncturists, have been aware of this for quite some time and have worked out how to use this knowledge to the benefit of our patients.

These are both worth a few minutes read and / or listen.

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